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ASRT 2015!
Alice Palumbo, Charity Gregory, Jane Benton, David Able

Mission Statement

The SCSRT will promote education development by providing quality educational opportunities to its membership. The SCSRT will encourage upholding proper and professional codes of ethics ensuring excellent patient care and promoting professionalism within the membership to strengthen the profession.

President's Inaugural Speech

“Staying on track for quality”



Good evening,

First, let me start by saying I’m proud to be a registered radiological technologist in the great state of South Carolina.


I stand before you this evening amazed at how fast the last year has passed. It is an honor to be able serve as president of the SCSRT for the ensuing year. The responsibilities that come with the office of president are many, and I look forward to tackling these responsibilities head on with the assistance of the SCSRT board members.  Since 1946, we have thrived as an organization, and each of our past presidents have passed the torch of leadership each year thereafter. This year, that flame of leadership has been passed to me. Thanks Jack Morris. I look forward to a serendipitous and productive year ahead.  I am grateful that my peers and colleagues have entrusted me to lead our society. It is my hope that I can fill the shoes of those leaders of yesterday by leaving my mark upon our great society.


As a society, the SCSRT is young; however, it is rich in history. This past year, I had the privilege to digitize the photos of each past presidentof the SCSRT. While performing this task, it was clear that our leaders of yesterday had many qualities. One chief quality was professionalism. This quality was made clear in how they dressed,the lapel pins they wore, and their desire to lead was very evident.  For me, it was as if time stood still. Many of those leaders have since passed away, but their legacy still lives on through each of you in this room today. In this room, stand great leaders and future presidents of the SCSRT. Every person in this room clearly shares the same love for our profession as our past presidents did. If not, you all would not be here today. I encourage every radiologic technologist in the state of South Carolina to be part of our historic society. There is always a need for fresh eyes and new ideas. That is how we grow as an organization.    


Over the years, each president has faced adversity and encountered their fair share of obstacles along the way.  To grow as an entity, we must face these obstacles head on. One major area of concern has been the decline in membership. The ability for the technologist to obtain CEU’S online and the fact that most healthcare organizations no longer pay for their employees to attend SCSRT events are two main reasons for this decline. With all this considered, I am placing upon the SCSRT’s trestle board to look for a solution.  It has been discussed recently to possibly have a joint meeting with the South Carolina Society of Nuclear Medicine at next year’s annual meeting. With hybrid imaging growing every day, this joint endeavor would be a great educational and financial benefit to both organizations. I also think that the society needs to look at ways to open other avenues of communication to our younger generation and older generation alike. The possibility of opening a SCSRT Facebook page or finding the ability to offer CEUS online are to name a few,  but for these suggestions to become a reality it is going to take all of us working together. The decline in the SCSRT membership is a problem we all face. I am open for suggestions to help remedy this problem.      

My focus for this year is “staying on track for quality”. Webster dictionary defines quality as “quote” how good or bad something is: a characteristic or feature that someone or something has: something that can be noticed as a part of a person or thing: a high level of value or excellence. The term quality affects all areas of our profession; the technologist, the student, our schools, and the SCSRT.

For the technologist, the term quality can be defined many ways; such as, quality control or quality assurance. However, I challenge each technologist to take quality to a new level. Each of us in this room has different qualities that make us who we are. I encourage our technologists to go the extra mile for your colleagues and patients. Make a difference in their lives. Always maintain professionalism, but don’t be afraid to laugh during the day. Enjoy your job. A smile, good morning, or a compliment can improve the quality of anyone’s day at work. 

To our students, you are in the infancy of your profession. I’m sure many of you still have doubts or question the road you have taken today by entering the field of radiology. I too was once where you are. I was told early on that I would not make it as a radiologic technologist by a certain individual. I now stand before you as president of the SCSRT. You can achieve anything in life if you work for it. Your instructors have devoted their time and knowledge over the last two years to mold you into great technologists. Always remember your work defines who you are. I challenge each of you to perform the quality work your instructors taught you and be proud to be a radiologic technologist. Always strive to go above and beyond in achieving quality work.


To the SCSRT board, I challenge each of you to stay on track for another quality year. Our board consists of directors, instructors, and technologists who have already proven their leadership abilities many years ago. I am thankful for each of you. Your dedication to the SCSRT is unparalleled and I am honored to share the stage with each of you this evening.


Last but not least, spend quality time with your family. As healthcare providers we spend more time at work than we do at home. Family should be important to everyone. We are only on this earth for a short amount of time. Cherish every moment you can with your loved ones. Without my family I would not be where I am today. I credit my wife Susan for directing and guiding me over twenty three years ago to enter the field of radiography and standing by me even when others didn’t. I can’t thank you enough.


In closing I would like to thank God. He has guided me through this maze we call life. Without God I definitely would not be where I am today. May God bless you all and may he continue to bless the SCSRT.  

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